Appeal to Volunteers!!!!

AID INDIA is running Ave Maria Matric Higher Secondary School and Ave Maria Home for Children in at Ave Maria Park, Pannamparai Vilakku (Junction), Satankulam in Thoothukudi District. The place is in the cross road, an important place.The school serves the children coming from the families which have been organized by AID INDIA under micro credit programme. Other children who have no opportunity to study in a good institution are also admitted. The school imparts qualitative education through English medium which is dream for the poor people. Also there is a home for the girls. It serves the orphan/semi orphan/deserted/very poor children coming from poor situation. Volunteers are needed for working in the school and orphanage. Nearby these institutions Ave Maria Farm is being developed. Volunteers who are interested in farm development can also come and work. The income going to be generated from the farm will support the orphanages and school. Interested persons can write to AID INDIA. Contact person and Email address.

S.Peter Raj, General Secretary, AID INDIA


Mobile: +91 9442529442


About Peter

I am part of AID INDIA and functions as General Secretary of this charitable organization.
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