Educational Support

Educational support is very important in one’s life. Most of the children do not have such support. So many have become drop outs. Further, many children from poor families in villages do not have opportunities to study in English Medium Schools. Studying in such private Matriculation Schools is difficult for the poor, since they have to pay money for studies. To fulfil the needs of the children from poor families AID INDIA started Matriculation School in 2009. Out-side support is needed to poor children/orphans/semi orphans to continue their studies in schools. Miss Thangam (Director, Island of Hope) and Mrs. Princess (Secretary, St. Paul Education Society) are supporting many children studying in Ave Maria Matric Higher Secondary School by providing free uniform dresses and Books and note books. They mobilize donations from benevolent people and divert the funds to the children in school. We still need more support to children.

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