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AID INDIA (Action in Disabilities India) is a not for profit organization aimed at empowering socially disadvantaged and often forgotten sections of Indian society (primarily impoverished rural women, people with disabilities, children and people with special needs). We help these disadvantaged people through socio economic development programs, education, by providing micro credit, and by providing training in the areas of health, human rights and utilization of resources for income generation.

AID INDIA was established in 1992 as a registered NGO with the primary focus being the welfare of people with disabilities in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. As the organization became increasingly aware of the many needs of the community, AID India expanded its target group to all socially disadvantaged people including poor women and children. Our projects include: a micro credit program for impoverished women and disabled people, orphanages, a school for children who have previously worked as child laborers, a distance child adoption program, several training programs aimed at awareness creation in the area of health and human rights issues and a farm which functions as a source of income for AID INDIA. AID INDIA develops programs according to its focus, and the specific needs it sees in the community. These programs have been diverse and far reaching.

Grama Vasantham (“village prosperity”), the micro credit program to empower women of the impoverished Dhalit caste started in 2000. The clients of the micro credit program are organized in Self Help Groups of 10 to 20 members. They are together responsible for repaying the loan. The Grama Vasantham program is currently also available for people with disabilities. These Self Help Groups consist of 5 to 10 members. Grama Vasantham enables poor women and people with disabilities to become economically self sustainable, independent, confident and aware of their rights.

At the roots of our organization lies the belief in humanist’s principles.AID INDIA is an active member of the Humanist Movement and actively involved in humanist activities. We have been attending national and international conferences of the Humanist Movement. From these meetings AID INDIA gained further knowledge and the motivation to create several initiatives, with the primary focus being the formation of our own sustainable and independent living.

Our mission

AID India’s mission is to empower socially disadvantaged people through socio economic development programs and education by providing micro credit and training in the areas of health, human rights and utilization of resources for income generation. This enables poor women, people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups in society to become economically self sustainable, independent, confident and aware of their rights.

Our philosophy


In India people from different cultures, casts and religions live together in harmony. The strength of Indian society may be found in the unity among the people despite of the many differences among them. That is why we describe its strength as “unity in diversity”. We can also find “unity in diversity” in the projects of AID INDIA. Our projects are the outcome of feelings and activities of people from different backgrounds.

An important aspect of our Self Help Groups is for example that any member belonging to any kind of situation and differences is eligible to become member of the group. The members accept each others differences and they work, cooperate and collaborate together. They become stronger by combining their power and strength. The reason behind their success is unity among them; unity in minds and unity in taking decisions.

At our orphanage the Island of Hope in Virudhunagar we can also see “unity in diversity”. There are a number of differences in the children (caste, age, religion, sex etc.) but we can see unity in their minds and feelings. These children are an example to society; they live happily and in peace together!

AID INDIA is a member of the Humanist Movement. Humanism and the philosophy of “unity in diversity” go hand in hand. Humanism indicates that people should respect each other despite of religion, sex, caste, culture etc.
The principles of the Humanist Movement are the building ground for all of our projects and activities.

Where we work

OfficeSathankulam (Head office and Ave Maria School and Orphanage)

HomeVirudhunagar (Orphanage ‘Island of Hope’)

Area Map of working area

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