Previous volunteers

Matthijs van Slooten (The Netherlands)
During his travel through India, Thailand and Indonesia, he stayed with the children of Island of Hope for one month. During his stay he thought English to the children and thought the tutors computer application.

Thank you for everything! The last four weeks were great. My stay in Island of Hope was very good. It felt like I was a member of the big family. The family was taking good care of me. I liked it to be with the children, to play with the children, to help them with study or just to join them with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I was honored to help you and Aid India, no matter in what way. I want to thank you for your hospitality, both in Virudhunagar and Sathankulam!

I wish you and your organization good luck and blessing from God. You will hear from me in the future! Please click here to read his letter Matthijs van Slooten

Lucie Brugier (France)
Lucie Brugier stayed in the orphanage in Virudhunagar and at Satankulam at the head office. She visited many self help groups. She taught games to the children and played with them. She was much interested in developing micro credit programme. She assessed needs and wrote an article for future purpose. She writes as follows.

…I loved being a team member in such an organization, with humanist principles. It’s well organized and efficient, with Aid India there differently abled people and children can look forward to a brighter future! Thank you for opening the doors of your country, of your lives and your hearts. I am so thankful and will never forget! Please click to read her letter  Lucie

Ria came to AID India in 2007 and 2008 by the reference of People4change of Holland. She stays at AID India for 2 weeks each time.

When I came here, I did not know what to expect. I was completely blank. But that changed so quickly and I really felt part of the family. I was great to play with the children and see how they work together. I am grateful that you and the members of your team were willing to show me around. Thank you all very much for your hospitality and friendship. I will not forget you!

Willem-Jan (The Netherlands)
Willem-Jan stayed at AID India for 3 months. His work contained of preparing proposals for raising funds for the Micro Credit Program and for the Ave Maria farm. With all his effort and hard work he got an interest free loan and a grant for the future emu farm to help the children in the home. He was so enthusiastic about working with the team member of AID India, that he is still putting effort in getting donations for our organization. He is the root cause for starting Stichting AID INDIA in Holland.

The first days at AID India and in Satankulam were unlikely. But very fast I felt like part of the family. This feeling has growth more and more. I had a really nice time with a lot of nice and unforgettable moments. Thank you for all the impressions and for being part your family now! Please click here to read his letter Willem Jan

Patrick and Marloes (The Netherlands)
Patrick and Marloes stayed during their travel in South East Asia for one month in Tamil Nadu at AID India. First they visited the orphanage in Virudhunagar and helped the children with home work and played with them. After their stay of one week in Virudhunagar they moved to Satankulam and worked at the head office of Aid India. They both worked on the new website of AID India. In the meanwhile they learned a lot about the humanist work of AID India. Marloes did a lot of fieldwork where she visited Self Help Groups in different districts. Also she tried to raise funds for AID India.

We had a great time in both Virudhunagar and Satankulam. Everybody was very nice to us and helped us where necessary. All the children were very excited to meet us, learn from us, and play with us. We also learnt a lot from them: especially during the Tamil lessons they gave us! In Satankulam we were very good taken care of, had great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for the hospitality! It has been a wonderfull experience for us to work together with the team of AID India. Good luck with the humanist work, now and in the future. To read their letter please click Patrick and Marloes

Jason and Laura (USA)

Jason and Lara volunteered for a month during their travels through India. They stayed at the She House in Satankulam while traveling daily to the nearby village Venkatrayapuram to teach English at Maria Grace High School. With the help of a laptop they donated they gave the children their first interaction with a computer. Jason and Laura also provided AID India with researched information on emu farming. Finally, before leaving, they spent a few days at the orphanage in Virudhunagar helping the children with their homework and English speaking skills.

We had such a great time volunteering with AID India. Teaching the children at Maria Grace High School was a very rewarding experience. We didn’t really know what we were doing at first, but quickly learned what teaching methods did and didn’t work. The kids got super excited when they got to play English word games with the computer! At the She House we were taken care of so well we felt like we were part of the family. And at the orphanage it was fun interacting with the kids. We’ve never seen children so eager to learn! To read their letter please click here Jason and Laura

Alex Losurdo, Australia

She is a teacher from Australia. She stayed in AID INDIA for 4 months. She came to AID INDIA for the second time also. She enjoyed her stay in the She Home. She was very regular to school. She spent her time in Ave Maria School and Ave Maria Home. She went to the extent of starting an organization in the name AID INDIA AUSTRALIA to support the projects of AID INDIA. She has been regularly supporting our projects of school in construction and for buying school materials. To read her letter please click Alex Losurdo

Carole Stora, France

She came here for internship. She studied the micro credit groups and their activities. She visited Island of Hope also. She prepared a very good report about micro credit activities. She is an active person. She prepared many new projects. She translated many documents from English to French. Now she is in Esteem company. She is closely watching the growth of AID INDIA. She is a good reference to us. She has recommended us in many organizations. Please read her opinion here. Carole Stora

Here are some pictures to show how people from abroad are involving in our projects.


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