Difficult Situation under Covid 19

Covid 19 has a very bad effect in India. The first wave was managed to some extent. But, unfortunately the second wave spread very violently and swallowing many lives in India. Now total lockdown has been implemented. The government is working to its level best to eradicate covid 19 by giving vaccinations. People who are rich can manage the lockdown period very easily. The poor people do not have income. Many people are starving. Our clients are mainly poor women, children and people with disabilities. The parents of our school children are already poor. The lockdown has made their economic situation very pathetic. AID INDIA wants to support the poor clients by giving essential food commodities. We appeal that erested people can help by your smaller donations. Sponsors may express their interests to the General Secretary of AID INDIA through the following email address. avemariapeter@yahoo.com

Interested persons may send contributions directly to our bank account. Please do inform us immediately after completing the process of money transfer so that we can follow and send receipt for the donations.



About Peter

I am part of AID INDIA and functions as General Secretary of this charitable organization.
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