Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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    • Ave Maria School Achieve universal primary education for everone, boys and girls from all backgrounds.
    • Humanize the Earth AID India gives energy to human rights and supports minorities in Indian society.
    • Island of Hope Two orphanages of AID India are giving children a home, a place to learn and to play.


    Latest news

    New pictures of daily school life at the Ave Maria School

    Hello everyone,

    The last time we took some pictures at the Ave Maria School. Children are enjoying they oppurtinity to play and learn! On the pictures you can also see our new schoolfuniture sponsored by Read more...

    Home for Children – pictures

    Dear all,

    Some new pictures taken this Christmas weekend. Enjoy watching!


    Pictures and progress schoolbuilding

    In 2009 AID India started with a great project, the construction of a school. The purpose of this project is to make it possible for children Read more...

    Children’s Day 2011

    In the beginning of November again AID India celebrated Children’s Day. A special day for children. The whole day the children are preforming drama, dans and sang. The had been practising for a long time. So a special and exciting Read more...

    Alle nieuwsberichten...


    In India people from different cultures, casts and religions live together in harmony. The strength of Indian society may be found in the unity among the people despite of the many differences among them. That is why we describe its strength as “unity in diversity”. We can also find “unity in diversity” in the projects of AID INDIA. Our projects are the outcome of feelings and activities of people from different backgrounds.


    Update juni 2013 - Nieuwe schooluniformen, Microfinanciering en school -…