Your stay

Volunteers will be provided simple but clean accommodation during their stay. We will cook for you so you can enjoy the South Indian cuisine three times a day. AID INDIA does not charge money for the accommodation nor for the food. We expect however a small donation from you. This donation will support us in many ways. At present, the minimum donation we collect from a volunteer for a month (or for less than one month) is 10000 Indian Rupees (This is about € 150  or  $ 200)

If volunteers consider that their donation may help one of the projects of AID INDIA, volunteers are of course free to donate more.

Some volunteers will stay at the orphanage in Virudhunagar, a town near Madurai, other volunteers will stay in Satankulam where our head office is situated. We decide where you will stay in consultation with you, it also depends on the program where you will work on.

You may contact us for further details. You may write to

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