Teaching English: Volunteers are needed to teach English to children. Learning English is considered as very important. English lessons are however not always of very high standard at the schools in Tamil Nadu, that’s why every help in teaching English is needed. You can teach English at the orphanage in Virudhunagar or at the school in Satankulam.

Teaching computer application: Computers become more and more important in everyday life. A lot of people in Tamil Nadu do not know how to work with computers. Knowing how to use computers however, could make their lives much easier and their work more efficient. You will be of great help if you can teach computer application to either:

1.      Children at the orphanage.

2.      Children and teachers at schools.

3.      Staff at our head office.

4.      Women of the Self Help Groups (micro credit program).

Agricultural farm: AID INDIA owns 40 acres of land. AID INDIA has 6 open wells. AID INDIA’s aim is to support children and educational projects by generating income in the farm. The farm has been named as Ave Maria farm. The aim of the farm is to generate income to support our projects. At the moment we grow bananas, cotton, rice and coconuts. The frequently failing rain does not support our cultivation. There are plenty of possibilities to extent the farm production. Goat farming, cow farming, poultry, verimiculture, sericulture, mushroom cultivation, nursery gardens and so on. To extend the farm we need volunteers with specific knowledge on farming. Volunteers can help AID INDIA to establish more activities on our farmland? Besides volunteers we are also in need of machinery and tools to make the cultivation of the farm land more efficient and less costly.

Micro credit program: The Micro Credit Program is a large scheme that we have been implementing for over 10 years. Financial experts and fundraisers are needed for this program. Volunteer can visit the Self Help Groups (women and/or people with disabilities), see their income generating activities and learn more about Micro Credit Programs in practice. AID INDIA needs more seed capital to support the Self Help Groups. Volunteers can help us by writing project-proposals and by contacting various organizations or private donors to raise funds for this program. Volunteers can raise soft loans also so that the loans can be given to the beneficiaries. A small margin in interest can be reserved for the running of orphanages and schools.

People with disabilities: Volunteers can help by organizing disabled people into Self Help Groups and thereby giving Counseling, Guidance, Medical support, and Community Based Rehabilitation. The clients who were organized in SHGs could stand on their own legs. At this moment there are 30 Self Help Groups for disabled people, we need volunteers to support these groups for sustainable development. We also want to establish a home for disabled children. Volunteers can help us to establish this!

Distance child adoption: In the distance child adoption program we find sponsors (adoption parents) for children in need. volunteers can put your efforts in finding more adoption parents and updating the monthly files of the children (letters and pictures to the adoption parents). If volunteers have suggestions to help us in a different ways on the distance child adoption program than the above mentioned, it will be a welcome to develop this program and reach more children in need.

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