Effects of Covid 19

Covid 19 has affected the projects of AID INDIA very badly. Children Homes and School are very much affected. Government instructed all homes to send the children to their families. It is very difficult to send the children. School children cannot come to school and learn in the school situation. Government insists conducting online classes. Since it is very new technology in the villages, the children cannot participate in the online classes properly. It is also new to the teachers. Hence, there are confusions. However, the online classes are going on using the available resources and knowledge. Since the parents of children in in school are poor, they cannot buy smart phone for their children. Parents do not have job opportunities. Economic of people are not sound. In fact it goes down. Government tries its level best to take care of the people. But the population does not permit to do more.

Schools and Colleges are expected to open in 3 or 4 months. By that time the economy of our population would be worse. People are helpless. The children’s education has been affected very much. They have been promoted to the next classes without conducting exams. The level of knowledge of children is not matching to the classes in which they are existing by records. Totally the Education Department is helpless. They could not give proper guidelines to the schools and teachers.┬áThousands of private school teachers are suffering without salary.

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