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  • Pictures and progress schoolbuilding

    In 2009 AID India started with a great project, the construction of a school. The purpose of this project is to make it possible for children to attend education. A lot  of children in India, also in Sattankulam area, don’t have the oppertunity to attend education. Because of lack of money or because the have to work at home. Through awareness programs AID India tells the community that education is the best way to lift a society out of poverty. Besides it gives the children joy and the learn to play and communicate with other children. The aim of the Ave Maria School is to make it possible for all children to enjoy and attend good education. According to the income of a family the decide whether or not they have to pay for the education or which amount. The’re is no standard and that’s what makes it possible for more and more children to attend education.

    Some pictures of the construction progress.

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